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Snowy night sky by psycoprincesseirika Snowy night sky :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 1 0
Hetalia Germany Drabbles 1
"Mamma, take this badge off of me,
I can't use it anymore.
It's getting dark, too dark to see,
Feel I'm knocking on heaven's door"
All of the G8 were fighting for their lives.You fought too. Everyone else had fallen. Except you. Why not you…? Germany was the last one standing; he fought on to the very end.You couldn't forget....
"GERMANY!" You screamed. There were too many. Way too many for you to handle "I'm not going to make it!" he had said. Of course you did anything but believe him. He was Germany! He did everything and more! But he wasn't going to make it? How could that be? The Noppera had jumped him in the biggest mass you have seen. He was helpless, and you were occupied with the other Noppera. You couldn't help him.
"Mama, put my guns in the ground
I can't shoot them anymore
That long, black cloud is coming down
I feel like I'm knocking' on heaven's door……"
They had fallen off of him. They must've used all of their energy. He…he was turning into one of the
:iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 4 1
Agni by psycoprincesseirika Agni :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 0 0 See, this is why I never draw by psycoprincesseirika See, this is why I never draw :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 0 0 Agni in ropes....Hm... by psycoprincesseirika Agni in ropes....Hm... :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 12 4 Anime Superlatives Kuro Style by psycoprincesseirika Anime Superlatives Kuro Style :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 40 3 Vulpix meme by psycoprincesseirika Vulpix meme :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 0 0 Channel 9 Phantomhive station by psycoprincesseirika Channel 9 Phantomhive station :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 17 89 President Sebastian by psycoprincesseirika President Sebastian :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 5 1 Someone needs meds..... by psycoprincesseirika Someone needs meds..... :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 23 7
That butler, Alive Again
His butler, Alive again
The Funeral was a somber event. Not too many people attended that day. We had visitation the night before, but only close family and friends came. The funeral was held in the great chapel. Everyone who was there cried. Bard, Maylene, and Finny cried, but I didn't think it fair for me to be the most affected by Sebastian's Death. They knew him longer, but I feel I was closer, that I had a deeper connection. I'm the only one who knew he was a demon, Besides Ciel.
Lizzie came. I think she liked Sebastian, too. I held back my tears, I wanted to be strong for the group, but they knew I was torn apart. We had a chance the night before to have him buried with something. Ciel didn't put anything in the casket. Maylene, Bard, and Finny put in pictures. I put in a love letter I meant to give to him. I always thought that I would be swept off my feet and have the dream wedding I always wanted, with him. But it's too late, my chances are over. Everyone threw in a peace lily
:iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 0 1
Cecilia Knightly Information
I've been writing short stories and inserting my person into them. My heroine's name is Cecilia Rose Alice Jane Knightly. (long name, I know) Lemme give you Background info.(Her background info changes depending on what fandom im wrting it for.Currenly it's Kuroshitsuji)She was born of the late Marisa Carahil Morgan Knightly and Indel Demascus Knightly who sailed from England to the States on the Mayflower. They lived in happiness in North Carolina (my REAL home) And had a baby girl. Their Daugher, Cecilia, was Encouraged to study in many atrs, but took up Culinary, Swordplay, the use of a Battleaxe, Horseback Riding, and Mercantile. The family lead a Wonderful life full of smiles and happiness until a tradgic shooting took place at Their Estate when Cecilia was of the age of Sixteen. Cecilia played good daughter and tried to find love, but found none. She thought it was because she was a Scubbus. (What is a scubbus? this is my story.)
Shortly after Satan took 1/3 of God's angels, he l
:iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 0 6
Cecilia Knightly baseth used by psycoprincesseirika Cecilia Knightly baseth used :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 0 2 Sebassy Error...or Alert... by psycoprincesseirika Sebassy Error...or Alert... :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 14 10
Mature content
Martin and Cecilia :iconpsycoprincesseirika:psycoprincesseirika 0 0


Germany's Dress Up Game by Royal-Guard-Lover Germany's Dress Up Game :iconroyal-guard-lover:Royal-Guard-Lover 799 407 APH - Germany PWNS by Chocoreaper APH - Germany PWNS :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 1,478 363 French Kiss Base by XxPastaLoverxX French Kiss Base :iconxxpastaloverxx:XxPastaLoverxX 12 19 Grammar Nazi Ludwig by Soviet-Signal Grammar Nazi Ludwig :iconsoviet-signal:Soviet-Signal 337 99 ID by AskCeilingGermany ID :iconaskceilinggermany:AskCeilingGermany 17 21 Commission tutorial by shingworks Commission tutorial :iconshingworks:shingworks 10,612 1,341
Germany and Reader:Prisoner 21
"-name- please let me in"
"no you creeper!"
"If I let you in my dog will attack you and I wont stop her!"
"i don't care just let me in!" you opened the door and he walked in. nova stood at your feet with a protective stance and growling and barking at Ludwig.
"NEIN" he said to nova who now looked confused and stopped her barking. Ludwig keeled to the ground
"kommen" he said strictly and Nova went over to him and sat down. Ludwig petted her and smiled
"okay um... what the heck?" Ludwig just let out a small chuckle
"Your dog is trained well" he simply said
"come here big guy" you said and gave him a hug. "I love you too" you said and manage to steal a kiss from him.
"keseseses i knew you two would be together sooner or later"
'but i never taught my dog any German and yet she seemed to understand! I don't get it'
'maybe she just likes me' he stood up off the ground 'do you live here alone -name-?'
"i don't think i should answer that because you know, you followed me back to my h
:iconwolfofvalor16:wolfofvalor16 102 63
APH: ME GUSTA NUTELLA by Randomsplashes APH: ME GUSTA NUTELLA :iconrandomsplashes:Randomsplashes 2,583 666 QnA : 1 by AskCeilingGermany QnA : 1 :iconaskceilinggermany:AskCeilingGermany 44 111 I love Germany I hate Hitler by ABtheButterfly I love Germany I hate Hitler :iconabthebutterfly:ABtheButterfly 814 604 APH: ITALY AND HIS LLAMA by Randomsplashes APH: ITALY AND HIS LLAMA :iconrandomsplashes:Randomsplashes 1,412 91 Doctor Awesome Business Card by Arkham-Insanity Doctor Awesome Business Card :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 1,467 529 ..:Germany:.. by Angry-Moth-Noises ..:Germany:.. :iconangry-moth-noises:Angry-Moth-Noises 224 51
Germany and Reader:Prisoner 14
There was some yelling and a frightened sounding voice. The yelling was obviously coming from Ludwig but the frightened voice sounded familiar but you couldn't quite put your finger on it. You could always opened your eye and look but you were too lazy at the moment. The sad part is you have been listening to the two of them going at it for the last 5 minutes and you didn't even know what the fight was about.
You decided to see who Ludwig was yelling out or else not knowing was going to drive you crazy. You opened your eyes and blinked two or three times. You were staring into crimson colored eyes at first you were freaked out for a moment then you realized it was gilbert with his cocky grin on his face. You never really noticed his eyes until now.
"is that your natural eye color?"
"keseseses yeah"
"i didn't think it was possible for someone to have that kind of eye color"
"well it is"
"weird" you sat up and glanced over to were Ludwig was. He was towering over a frightened looking Ita
:iconwolfofvalor16:wolfofvalor16 64 24
Germany and Reader:Prisoner 11
"there you are get down from there"
"no! oh and what are in these crates anyway?"
"nothing or at least most of them are empty some of them have crates inside"
"So this is a storage for storage crates?"
"ja now get down here before you fall either on accident or on purpose"
"are you saying you would make me fall?"
"you wouldnt DARE!"
"dont worry i'll catch you... maybe"
"your so mean Luddy all i wated was to have alittle fun..."
"ill give you 3 seconds to get down from there"
"i dont think you would"
"you heard of dodgeball right?"
"well then! your know the rules then right?"
"ja, what are you getting at"
"well if you can dodge a ball you can dodge a crate!" you said and picked up one of the smaller crates and held it in your hands
"dont worry you wont get hit if you dodge it!" you said and hurled the Wooden crate down at him. he dodge it and the crate broke against the hard ground
"you just ruined a perfectly go
:iconwolfofvalor16:wolfofvalor16 69 11
Germany and Reader: prisoner 7
"im am going to tie you back up -name- and you are going to let me tie you up and you are going to behave like the good prisoner you are"
"pff Ludwig you dont own me! besides i dont need to be tied up anyway"
"i dont want you to excape -name-" he said picking up the rope off the ground were you threw it earlier
"i will not be a part of this system! get that away from me or else!" you threatend
"what could you possibly do?"
"i cant tell you but believe me you wouldn't like it"
"you cant tell me because you wouldn't do anything"
"wanna bet luddy?"
"i said dont call me that! now hold still"
"NEVER!!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!" you yelled and ran out of the room laughing like a mental hospital patient or something. you ran down the hallway and turned
around to see if he was following you. you saw a confused italian peer out from the room and an angry ludwig  run out
"-name- GET BACK HERE NOW!!!" he yelled
"you cant make me!"
"oh yes i can"
"gotta catch me first!" you said then laug
:iconwolfofvalor16:wolfofvalor16 73 11


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psycoprincesseirika's Profile Picture
Cecilia-Haylee (I go by Haylee)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Welcom to PsycoPrincessEirika's Page! My name originated from Fire Emblem Eight, which I do not support as much anymore. I Still enjoy a good SethxEirika. I am Currently in Kuroshitsuji, (Black Butler AgniFTW) And I still support Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and soon to be Skyrim. I Live in North Carolina and I am a Tar heel fan. Duke Sucks. And thats all :)

Current Residence: Gastonia NC
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ?
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: Rap, Rock
Favourite photographer: ?
Favourite style of art: Abstract
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Philips Go Gear
Shell of choice: Conch shells!
Wallpaper of choice: ?
Skin of choice: Mine, thank you
Favourite cartoon character: Maximillian J. Pegasus (Yu-Gi-Oh)
Personal Quote: Like a Boss
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: The Fire Eternal
  • Watching: Nothing.
  • Eating: Popcorn Chicken
  • Drinking: Coke
Happy Halloween, everyone! I'm doing point commissions now. (Cheap commissions) They will be literature because I don't have a tablet yet. YET. I know it's short but i'd like to inform you anyway. My computer is broken, that is why I don't have any art posted, but that is changing very quickly. Aforementioned, I'm doing literature, since I only have one crappy story, i'll be posting some of my quizilla stories on here, so i'll have something! It's a drabble seiries including Germany from Hetalia. (I recently got involved in Hetalia and loved it!) And my all-time favorite character is Germany. Back to the commissions, ahem. Here is what i'm looking at:

COMMISSIONS: (Message me or leave a comment)

All normal length stories (one to two pages according to Microsoft Word): 3 points

All chapter stories (I Will do those): 5 points

All Drabbles: 7points


Okay, what is required:

I need to know who is in it, I will do my best to in character. I need to know the plot. I'm not asking you to draw a plot map for me, but be descriptive!  
And I need to know where or when it takes place. All of this is required!!!!

All things above apply! I also need to know how the story progresses, what happens in every chapter!

ALL ABOVE IS STILL REQUIRED. What happens in each drabble? I MUST KNOW!

You can give me characters and I decide, i'll try to make it believeable.
I hope you enjoy the literature! -Cecilia-Haylee

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